Why Would You Choose FlexSim, Anyway?

By Markus Cueva
Updated on Apr 3, 2020, originally posted on Mar 13, 2013

It would be a bold-faced lie to declare that businesses have only one choice in simulation software. There are dozens of companies that dabble in process simulation software, and they can be large and small, new and well-established.

The real difference in simulation software lies in how accurately and quickly you get results, especially in regard to how much effort you have to put into your simulation tool. I can tell you that FlexSim offers full 3D visuals, easy-to-use drop-down lists, and unlimited extensibility. I am, of course, not exactly an unbiased observer.

So the question you have to answer for yourself is: "why would you choose FlexSim"?

Javier Flores of CIMSA, a Coca-Cola bottling partner group in Mexico, uses FlexSim software in his role as Maintenance Planning and Equipment Control Manager. He enjoys the ease of use present in FlexSim’s user-friendly approach, as well as the drag-and-drop model building that "allows you to build models in a few minutes."

"We love the ease of use of the software, the tutorials and the fact that it looks like a 3D game instead of a simulation package," Flores explained. He added that simulations performed in FlexSim "represent the actual look and feel" of the facility.

At St. Onge Company, a supply chain engineering and logistics consulting firm, Shankar Narayan makes use of FlexSim in his position as Director of Analytical Services. He feels that the areas where FlexSim excels include timely software updates and support for user community forums.

Narayan chose FlexSim over the competition because St. Onge was looking to "standardize on one robust discrete-event simulation platform." He also appreciates the customer support, 3D object support, and customizable platform.

These comments represent just a few of the reasons that accomplished professionals choose FlexSim each and every day.

So, why would you choose FlexSim?

Editor's Note: The views expressed by Mr. Flores and Mr. Narayan are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of CIMSA and St. Onge Company, respectively.

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