FlexSim Presents “Zombie Attack”, a simulation game

By Markus Cueva
Updated on Apr 3, 2020, originally posted on Jun 7, 2013
FlexSim zombie production simulation game

Back in 2013, FlexSim created a production simulation game designed to help encourage STEM awareness among high school students in Virginia. The game, dubbed "Zombie Attack," has been continually updated to be compatible with newer releases of FlexSim—it even got a VR edition! Download Zombie Attack, or Download Zombie Attack VR to play the game today.


It finally happened: the virus outbreak that has changed 80% of the earth’s population into the living dead. But in a twist from mythology, zombies don’t need to feed on brains – they want power!


Mankind has the technology to produce energy cubes, containers that seem to satiate the undead for days. You manage a manufacturing plant in one of the last human cities. Your job: to fabricate enough energy cubes to keep the advancing undead horde away from the citizens of the town, buying them precious time to continue to sustain the local economy and provide you with the vital resources to improve the manufacturing plant.

Zombie Game Screenshot

Game Description

Zombie Attack is a fast paced production game where energy cells are produced to satisfy an army of the living dead. The energy cell production facility has three processes that must be completed in order to produce a fully-charged energy cell: they must be filled with a radioactive material, taken underwater for a high-energy charge, and finally run through a centrifuge to render the cube stable. Once production has completed, energy cells are placed in a queue for the zombies to pick up — which is good, because any zombie that makes it to the queue and DOESN’T see a viable energy cell will get angry and damage your equipment. Try and keep the queue stocked in order to keep your machines in working order, and to allow the local economy to thrive in a zombie-free environment.

But there’s a catch: energy cells have a life span and the volatile energy charge inside will rapidly degrade. If a zombie arrives at the queue to find a weakened energy cell, it won’t be satiated for nearly as long, which reduces the resources that the town can spare. Find the right balance of cells in the queue, repair the equipment the zombies destroy, and survive!

How To Play

When the game starts you will have a working cell with one radiation filling machine, one radiation operator, one tram (to transport the energy cell through the charging pool), one centrifuge machine, and one centrifuge operator.

You will have $1000 to purchase machines, trams, or operators.

Zombie game funds

Each time an empty energy cell canister arrives it will cost you $15. You can adjust how often they arrive with the slider at the top of the control panel. It is critical that you do not spend all your money by having too many empty canisters arrive before they are needed.

Zombie game speed

You earn money each time a zombie appears and takes a charged energy cell back to the hideout. A fully charged energy cell will get you $50. As energy cells decay, you will get less money for each energy cell. You can only buy production equipment and operators with your cash supply. This supply will fluctuate depending on the cost of canisters and the payments from the town, which vary depending on how effective you’ve been at keeping zombie away (how full the energy containers are when they’re taken). The cost of each piece of equipment and operator are shown in the control panel.

Zombie game purchases

You can add a new machine, tram or operator by clicking on the plus sign. If you have enough cash supply, the selection will be added to the model and the cost will be subtracted from the cash supply. You will need to use your money wisely and balance the system to make the right amount of energy cells and to meet the demand of the zombies.

The object of the game is to still be producing energy cells when the game ends and to have the highest cash supply. If the zombies destroy all your equipment and you have no money to buy new machines, production will halt and you have lost the game.

Download Zombie Attack, or Download Zombie Attack VR to play the game today.

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